Insomnia64 Feedback Results and Outcomes

The feedback we received showed that you weren't very impressed with the exhibition at insomnia64. This was mainly down to the lack of PC hardware or PC gaming related content which has been available in past insomnia exhibitions. In addition the amount of vendors who attend to just sell merchandise to a family audience has seen an increase whilst more interactive stands have seen a decline.

We share your concern and we want to make sure that the future exhibitors who attend insomnia have a relevance to the gaming audience and we are working hard to bring back PC focussed hardware and software providers. We are also making sure that any exhibitors we do have at the show who are more PC orientated are positioned close to the BYOC hall entrance to the exhibition making it easier for the BYOC to find stands they will enjoy.
This will always be a very hot topic at LANs due to the amount and cost of equipment the BYOC community brings to the event. The issues we have had with security at insomnia64 centre around the attitude and the inconsistency of implementation of the rules we put in place. The night shifts were very well praised whilst the day shift seemed to be a polar opposite.

These two items will be challenged moving forward, we are creating a new briefing document which is easier to understand and have put extra pressure on the NEC to deliver the services our community deserves.
This one will continue to be an issue for every event we do. As everything is, the cost of attending is subjective to the individual and their circumstances, however there has been an increase in the cost of attendance for things at the event. The NEC are the biggest contributing factor to this, from the cost of food and beverages onsite to the hotels, the location itself is one of the largest event spaces in the UK and as a premium venue they have prices which reflect this.

The ticket price for a BYOC ticket has not increased in price for several years whilst the cost of delivering a LAN event with on-site accommodation (camping) has, hence the additional price increase for services like indoor camping.

We are speaking to the NEC to try and reduce the cost to the community for attending, as we have always done.

We will continue to create and develop new and exciting content for the BYOC community to increase enjoyment and deliver a truly amazing LAN experience to give you the premium LAN event experience you pay for.
We had a major network issue at the last event where we saw a massive increase in both network traffic (Thanks Epic Games!) and hardware failures. This is not something we take lightly and have put actions in place to make sure we can reduce strain on the network whilst also making sure we have redundancies (More firewall boxes!!) in place to minimise downtime should a hardware failure happen in the future.

The lighting issues we experienced at the last event were down to a faulty control box which turned several lights to "Sensor Mode" which meant that they triggered on during the event, typically when the system reset at 7pm each day. The NEC are aware and we have stressed that they need to fix this issue before the next event so we can all game in darkness, as it should be.


The halls at the NEC are huge and getting a consistent temperature across the hall is a challenge, The position of the aircon units on the ceiling also cause a challenge as BYOC customers underneath these get cooler than most due to their position in the hall. We have put the following process in place to try and keep on top of the changing temperatures moving forward:

We will increase the times we check the temperature and adjust the Aircon mean temperature to try and keep a consistent level throughout the event.

We now have the ability to ask the NEC to turn off specific Aircon units if they are causing customers discomfort during the event.
The car park is quite far from the BYOC hall... Many people don't like this... Go figure :P

To counter this as much as we can we are changing the bus schedule to run more buses during the busier periods.

We are also looking into some form of trolley service but this has been slow going but we will update you as and when we get something together.
Feedback from the last quiz has been sent to the pub quiz guys!
We have made the NEC aware of this feedback and told them to fix their shit.
This is a hard one (pardon the pun), the seats we get in are the standard conference chairs we get in from our supplier and have been the same ones we have used for a long time.

We are looking into options for chair rentals so will keep you posted if anything is finalised.