Insomnia Seat Picker Guide

This is a short guide to walk you through how to pick a seat for insomnia once you have purchased a ticket

Once you have a ticket you can then head to the seat picker and pick a seat.

Head over to the seat picker located here

If this is your first time on the site you will have a box like this:

Login using your ticket factory username and password.

Once you have logged in, you will then see a box like this:

Pick your username, clan tag and select a game area and click save.

Your screen should now display your account infomation, including your loyalty Level displayed next to your nickname.

To edit your information or to logout just click corresponding button.

If you have a valid BYOC ticket for the current live insomnia event you will see your orders under the "My BYOC Tickets" box above the seat picker.

Select your BYOC ticket and then click on the seat you want to be yours.

After clicking the seat you want you will be asked to "Select this seat". click the button and the seat will be yours!

If you have more than one valid BYOC ticket for the live insomnia event you will need to allocate your spare ticket(s) to your friends/clan-mates.

To do this click on drop down in the "My BYOC Tickets" box above the seat picker and select the ticket to allocate.

Once selected click the "Allocate Seat" button on the right hand side.

You will be asked to enter the nickname of the user you want to assign the ticket to. PLEASE NOTE nicknames are case sensitive so make sure you enter it correctly.

If you have been successful them you will now get a message on that ticket saying "Allocated to "