Geo's Big Community Raffle

Welcome to Geo's Big Community Raffle, a raffle for only BYOC customers where we give away stuff for free.

The raffle is run on a point system, in which the more points you have then the more times your name
will be put into the draw.

"How do I get more points & how do we redeem them?" we hear you ask, well let us explain....

You will have chances to gain points in different ways over the course of the event. More details of how to
earn more points will be posted soon.

The raffle will be drawn on Sunday afternoon at 6pm in the Social Games Area. We will only draw the
top prizes as to not take too much time away from your gaming! All smaller prizes will be drawn after
and posted on Athena.

All prizes will need to be collected at the event, all prizes not claimed will be rolled into the next insomnia community raffle.

Claiming Codes

If you have been given a raffle ticket with a code on it head to


Once again we have a whole host of amazing prizes up for grabs:
  • £1000 GAMING PC !!!!!!!
  • 1 Payday tie
  • 1 Mafia 3 mug
  • 1 Hyper X Pulsefire mouse
  • 4 Logitech g240 mousemats
  • 11 FIFA 17 for PS4
  • 2 27 inch iiyama Black Hawk monitors (G2730HSU)
  • 1 25 inch iyama Black Hawk monitor (G2530HSU)
  • 1 Destiny warlock statue
  • 1 Borderlands 2 bag
  • 1 MSI gaming bag
  • 1 Exit: The Game - The Forgotten Island
  • 1 Payday 2 door mat
  • 1 Dota 2 t-shirt
  • 1 Dota 2 pudge mask
  • 1 WWE hat
  • 1 Hotel Tycoon board game
  • 2 amazing Overwatch loot crate
  • 2 HyperX FURY S big mouse mat (450 mm x 400mm)
  • 5 MSI dragons
  • 2 XTR750 power supplies
  • 1 Dark Rock 3 cooler
  • 1 Dark Rock TF cooler
  • 1 Wonky Kong
  • 1 Dark Base Pro 900
  • 1 Count Duckula
  • 1 GameKids Advance

Raffle Results

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