i65 BYOC Feedback

This guide is from a LAN that has ended, so information might be irrelevant and/or incorrect
The exhibition is still one of the biggest feedback items you guys have about insomnia as it has been for the last few events. We have worked hard to bring in publishers and gaming hardware companies but we will continue to increase their presence at the event.

The type of merchandise, stands and the size of other areas within the exhibition hall were all items within the feedback and this has been passed on to our team to make sure we try and attract a more relevant selection of exhibitors, content and retail stores to the exhibition in the future.
Security has appeared again in the top 3 things BYOC feedback to us about the event. We have recieved feedback in all 3 categories in the GBU highlighting again that the inconsistancy of security is what many find issue with. We use this feedback to identify times where the BYOC find security does well and use this to inform the NEC that the security team at those times should be used as an example of what level the security should be adhering to for the whole show.

Many of the points raised in the GBU are after the fact issues which could have been addressed on site if we had been made aware of them at the time. As such we ask that if any BYOC member sees an issue which they are not happy with to come and tell the helpdesk during the event. This will help us greatly in better understanding where security is lacking and at what times, allowing us to react during the event rather than retro-actively. Just ask for a BYOC duty manager when reporting to helpdesk and we will record the issue and feedback to the NEC direct and straight-away.
Rounding out the top 3 we have the Qjacker delivery to desk service provided by the NEC catering company Amadeus.

We have fed back all your feedback to the company and they have responded, the issues included: High prices, Food quality, portion size, food delivered cold, delivery time issues, & limited selection.

QJacker are looking to introduce more meal deal options to allow for better value, Food quality, temperature & portion size have been fed back to the head chef's in the kitchen.

Delivery times are impacted mostly during the peak times for meals, this will always have an impact but the team in the kitchen always try and streamline the orders when they come in, meaning fast items like drinks are dealt with faster.

Selection will also be looked at and expanded if capacity allows, with limited space in a kitchen they need to make sure what they offer is feasible to delivery at a high quality as fast as they can, increasing the selection available would impact the speed at which they could deliver the service but they are trying to combat this in the future to offer more.
Many of you fed back that the choice of food and drink options at the NEC was low and that prices for these options were high. The NEC has opened up more options available in the piazza that we have had previously, there are also more options available at the resorts world complex. We have spoken to the NEC catering team and asked them what they are planning for i66 and asked for more variety. They said they will look into the options.

Car Parking

From now on we will only be on the Piazza (Airport) side of the NEC for our events. The closest car park to the BYOC hall (Hall 4) is car park North 1A, it is a fair distance and we can't change this. We are looking at options which include items like trolley rentals but these are still in the idea phase right now. We suggest people bring foldable trolleys which they can use to transfer their equipment easier, they don't cost the world and are a good investment for BYOC members, Click here for options

Shuttle Buses

As we are over the piazza side, and it's a long walk we have opted to increase the amount of shuttle buses which are on for the event.

Shuttle bus times will now be as follows:

ThursdayShuttle 1: 09:00 to 20:00Shuttle 2 (New): 11:00 to 20:00Shuttle 3 (New): 15:00 to 22:00
FridayShuttle 1: 09:00 to 19:00Shuttle 2 (New): 09:00 to 18:00
SaturdayShuttle 1: 09:00 to 19:00
SundayShuttle 1: 09:00 to 19:00
MondayShuttle 1: 09:00 to 19:00Shuttle 2 (New): 09:00 to 15:00
The temperature in the LAN hall has been an issue, due to the massive space and the change in temperatures outside it is difficult to regulate the temperature exactly but we do try to adjust it when we can to keep the temperature comfortable. We are working with the NEC to increase the amount of temperture checks we do to try and keep it stable. Please bring jumpers just in case though.
We know that some are annoyed by the noise the BYOC Esports stage makes, we have taken steps to angle the stage away from the BYOC and also block off the light with floor to ceiling black drape. We recommend that those who have more of an issue with the noise sit towards the southern end of the seat picker as this will be the furthest from the esports stage.
We know that some people are offended by the small amounts of adult content at the last pub quiz. We are going to have warnings on the entrance to the pub quiz and online during the ticket sales period which will let people know there is a chance of adult content in the quiz and that those easily offended might not want to attend.
We have let the NEC know about the feedback regarding their cleaners and the state of their facilities.