FAQs and General Info

This guide is from a LAN that has ended, so information might be irrelevant and/or incorrect
Thursday EAS Times (Available only to BYOC Priority customers, BYOC VIP customers and those with the EAS Add-on. All EAS times are subject to change):
  • Check-In: 9AM -> 11PM
  • Camping Hall: Open from 1PM
  • BYOC Pre-Holding Area: Open from 4PM
  • BYOC Hall: Open from 6PM
Normal Opening Times:
  • Check-In: Friday 9AM -> 10PM. Saturday 9AM -> 6PM. Sunday 9AM -> 4PM.
  • Camping Hall: 24 hours a day until 7PM Monday
  • BYOC Hall: 24 hours a day until 4PM Monday. Network is turned off from 3PM
Check-In is located outside Hall 4 on Thurs/Fri & Hall 4 Kiosk from Sat onwards. Camping is in Hall 1. BYOC is in Hall 4.
Car parking is available in North 1A for i65. You can get a parking pass at check-in, passes are priced at £5 for the duration of the event for BYOC attendees.
The BYOC pre holding area will again be open from 4pm on Thursday (subject to change) for EAS customers.
Camping wristbands are available from BYOC check-in (Outside Hall 4 on Thurs/Fri & Hall 4 Kiosk from Sat onwards), Camping for this event will be in Hall 1 and open from Thursday at 1pm (access to camping on Thursday only available with a valid EAS add-on).
If you have purchased a rental PC, this can be collected from the rental desk from Thursday at 6pm. Rentals are being supplied by Chillblast
The BYOC help desk is located just past the BYOC security check point in Hall 4 and will be open from 6pm to 10pm Thursday, 9am to 10pm Fri to Sun, 9am to 4pm Monday
During the event we will have different lighting levels; lighting will be brighter from Thursday 6pm to 9pm, we will then turn lights off until Monday at 11am.
When you check in you will be given 3 security stickers, 2 need to be placed on your equipment (PC/Console/Laptop & Monitor), the last sticker will need to be placed on your lanyard.This is important and you won't be able to take large equipment items out of the BYOC hall without the stickers and corresponding lanyard with sticker on it. You have been warned
If you arrive at the event and haven't selected a seat on the seat picker (#failface) then you can get help with this at Help Desk BYOC hall 4.
A BYOC customer can vouch for up to 2 day or weekend festival customers to come into the BYOC area during the event. These BYOC Visitors will need to have a valid event ticket (A day or weekend festival ticket). BYOC Guest wristbands are available on Friday, from the BYOC Help Desk in Hall 4. BYOC customers will need to go with the BYOC visitor to the check-into collect the BYOC guest wristbands. There are a limited number available and are given out on a first come first served basis. Please note that this does not entitle the guest to a desk/chair or to bring their own computer. Please be respectful of other BYOC customers.
Each BYOC customer is provided with:
  • Desk space (approx 3 feet wide) and a chair
  • 1 network cable connected to the awesome Insomnia network
  • 1 UK plug socket
You might want to bring:
  • Your PC, console or laptop (only 1 connected at the same time) with Ethernet port
  • Monitor
  • Peripherals
  • A surge protected 4-way power extension (important!)
  • Kensington lock or similar to secure any valuable items
  • Phone Charger
  • ID & tickets for check-in
  • Snacks and money for food
For more tips, check the Newbies Guide to Insomnia BYOC.
Please don't bring:
  • Heaters, Microwaves, Fridges, Kettles or any other high-draw electrical items
  • Alcohol (The NEC is a licensed venue and you will not be able to bring it in)
  • Networking equipment such as switches or access points
  • Anything dangerous or illegal
In addition please do not connect more than 1 machine/console/laptop to the power or network at any one time. Please also refer to the Player 1 Events terms and conditions.
Thursday 6pm to 2am, Friday/Saturday/Sunday 8am to 2am, Monday 8am to 2pm.
See the qjacker site for available items.
Thursday 4pm to 4am, Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm to 4am, Monday 12pm to 4pm.
Cold water is available from any of the venue bars on request. The tuck shop also sells a variety of drinks and othe refreshments. Unfortunately there is no hot water or microwaves provided at the event.
We are compiling a list of games you want to play and will be releasing a schedule for community games shortly.
For full details of the esport tournaments then see the 'Esports' link to the UK Masters page in the main menu bar at the top. If you have any questions or problems then speak to one of the friendly Tournament Admins sitting near the BYOC helpdesk in hall 19.
The raffle is coming back to insomnia BYOC and will be drawn on Sunday at 6pm from Help Desk
The Expo will be open Fri to Mon with priority access for BYOC through a priority entrance in Hall 4 @ 10am daily.
Please see Advice for Newbies
Coming soon...