Name Description Achieved By
All about the Fatmouse Take part in the i60 Pub Quiz 1 user
All by Myself Completed ihunt by myself and came in top 10 1 user
ARAM Play in the Insomnia60 LOL Tournament
Aurura Habet Aurum in Ore Signed up to Athena in record time 305 users
Beta Link Established Link your Battle.Net account with Athena 442 users
Birth of an Arena Attended the i63 BYOC Arena 860 users
Bomb Defused Play in the Insomnia60 CS:GO Tournament
Clever Clogs Be in a winning team at the Insomnia60 Pub Quiz
Dance Dance Attended iMusic at insomnia60
Dangerous to go alone Attended Symphony of the Goddesses at insomnia60
Delta Link Established Link your Discord Account with Athena 913 users
Easter Madness 60 Attended Insomnia 60 347 users
Flithy Casual Played in an insomnia60 casual cup
For the Horde! Be a volunteer at Insomnia60 2 users
Founder - Gold Attend more than 10 insomnia LANs 19 users
Founder - Ruby Attend more than 20 Insomnia LANs 12 users
Founder - Silver Attend more than 5 Insomnia LANs 24 users
Fully Boosted Play in the Insomnia60 Rocket League Tournament
Git Gud Play in an Insomnia60 Community Game
I60 Hunt Master Win the Insomnia60 iHunt
i60 Hunter Take part in the i60 iHunt
Justice Rains Play in the Insomnia60 Overwatch Tournament
Nanos Gigantum Humeris Insidentes Beta Tester for Athena 12 users
Oscar Link Established Link your Origin account with Athena
Summer Games Attended Insomnia61 as a BYOC customer
Sunbathed... Inside Attended StratLAN Summer Party 2017 117 users
Tactical Breach Play in the Insomnia60 Rainbow Six Seige Tournament 1 user
Target Acquired Score a Direct hit on LAN Battleships 4 users
Top Decking Lethal Play in the Insomnia60 Hearthstone Tournament